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Sawyer & Garner artist management use a boutique approach, consulting their clients through all avenues of the entertainment industry. Sawyer & Garner bring to the table a highly sought-after ability to produce results in today’s ever-changing music industry. Read more >

Sawyer & Garner  Tanya Tucker While I'm Living

Tanya Tucker While I’m Livin’ OUT NOW!

We are excited to announce that Tanya Tucker’s new album, the first in over 17 years, produced by Brandi Carlile and Shooter Jennings is finally available everywhere! Read more about our project here -

The New Yorker Article Here

Sawyer and Garner Artist Management


Here at Sawyer & Garner, we understand the value of branding, aligning our artists with sponsorships and endorsements of all shapes and sizes. We love working with our partners. Check out who we are partnering with now. >

Tanya Tucker Announces New Tequila

The original female outlaw, Tanya Tucker, is now the face of a new tequila brand, Cosa Salvaje, which stands for “wild thing.” Read more about this country legend’s new venture here. >

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